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Image Enhancement Workshop for Today’s Woman!

San DiegoSeptember 29 & 30
Lunch and Snacks Included

Enjoy 2 days of intense self-evaluation, camaraderie and fun!

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Janice's Clients
Are Talking...

"I can’t begin to describe the life changing experience that was my time with Janice. Being in the workshop with other women created such a unique learning environment. It allowed us to form a close camaraderie and helped drive home the concepts Janice was teaching. Everyone immediately recognized the transformations and offered suggestions or input. If I could, I would do it all over again in a heartbeat. I take my appearance more seriously and only have Janice to thank for her amazing delivery of information and unwavering encouragement."

Kat Snowberger
Customer Success Manager
Software Testing Solutions – Healthcare, LLC

“The workshop with Janice was one of the most life-changing events I’ve experienced. She has done an amazing job of taking my goals and translating them seamlessly in to a sophisticated outward appearance. I left feeling confident, inspired and empowered. Having the opportunity to work with Janice has increased my career opportunities tremendously and has completely changed the way I see my future. This was a total image overhaul not only in the way others perceive me but also in the way that I perceive myself. This workshop has something for everyone.”

Maegan Scarlett
Project Manager
Software Testing Solutions, LLC

“Imagine spending the day with your best girlfriend, who loves you enough to really tell you the truth. Marry that with the eye of an master architect for proportion, an artist for color and a personal Sherpa who walks shoulder to shoulder with you to reconstruct you on the inside first. Janice’s clients are her canvas on which she creates new works first from the inside shattering the “old records of our minds” and inserting new lyrics. What emerges on the outside is the best YOU! Thank you for pushing me off the ledge so that I could land in a higher place.”

Noel Paschke
Workshop Attendee

“When I first read this marketing tagline for Janice's workshop, I thought, “LIFE change? No way. Wardrobe change, certainly.” Oh how wrong I was! Janice helped me understand the endless potential each of us have to command presence not only through our outside appearance, but also in the mindset you need embrace in order to be truly successful. This workshop not only reframed how I dress myself, but also in how I see myself fitting into the world. I now know how to look and feel my very best. I have officially given myself permission to look my best and command a room! This workshop is a life changer for sure! If only I could rewind the clock and rework all of those boring suits, awkward jewelry and ho-hum shoes…. Like Janice says, we can’t change the past and we can’t worry about the future – you just need to be present in the moment – now. Thank you, thank you, thank you for showing me the way to open up my full potential.”

Stacy McCauley RDH, MS
Philips Consumer Lifestyle, Philips Sonicare
Workshop Attendee