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Speaking Consulting Network attendees and colleagues testimonials
Santa Fe, New Mexico – June 2016

Dr. David Moffet
Dentist, Speaker, Author and Consultant

Lois Banta
CEO, President and Founder of Banta Consulting, Inc.

Marnie Green
CEO of Managment Education Group, Inc.

Gary Richardson"Thank you, thank you, thank you, Janice! I attended your class on "How to Look Like a Million…Without Spending It" at the ADA Conference in Washington D.C. The course title seemed intriguing. During your course we took photos of ourselves. What an eye opener! I was not happy with what I was seeing. Although, I feel and act much younger than I am, that is not what I was presenting. I had an interesting, but flawed philosophy that "no one really cares how you look – they care about you.” Although, I did notice and appreciate when others looked nice, I guess I didn't realize that others would appreciate that of me. I learned a long time ago that everything we do is marketing. You are either attracting people toward your business or pushing them away. How we act and what we do does matter and consequently, you were hired half way through the course (at least in my mind). This was a wonderful, enlightening experience both personally and professionally."

Gary Richardson, DDS

Richard Riddle"I learned the underpinning of what and why the things I felt good in, worked. The rationale of being "self- actualized" rang true to me as I decided what I would do to go from a 7.5 to a 9.5. I got as much out of your course as I have about any technique courses. The most important one being, if I don't do positive things for myself then I have no one to blame but myself. I will never dress without care again."

Dr. Richard Riddle, II, DMD, F.A.G.D.
Southington, Connecticut

Kate Willeford"I’ve worked with Janice on 3 different occasions – each with excellent results. The first was to spend a day with me as a personal shopper and image consultant. I was so pleased with her advice and expertise. I then contracted Janice to do an image workshop for a group of women in the ADCPA. I retained Janice a third time to come and do a full presentation for my entire team (about 10 people). In both cases where she worked with our groups, what really made an impression was that the people who were the most unsure or negative about her coming, were the ones that enjoyed her the most! In fact, I had some women in my group who were actually in tears because of the many ways Janice helped them improve their self-confidence and presence. I plan on working with Janice again soon and would highly recommend her to anyone."

Kate Willeford, CPA
Owner, The Willeford Group CPA, PC
Vice President, Academy of Dental CPAs

Mark Klever"Janice Hurley’s Executive Coaching has been very instrumental in the advancement of my career. Her wisdom and knowledge were totally accurate in honing every aspect of my professional presence. From professional attire to interview skills and leadership development her input has been priceless. Backed by her incredible experience, Janice’s coaching advice has given me the advantage and confidence I have needed to pursue and obtain high management positions in a cutting edge multi-million dollar company. I highly recommend Janice Hurley if you desire to obtain a position that will progress your career in the direction you want. Through her innovation, she will develop the skills you need to greatly increase your expansion opportunities. Thank you Janice!"

Mark C. Klever, President
Bel Campo Farms

"What a gift! I loved my day with Janice! I instantly felt relaxed and like I could trust her judgement. She was detailed and remembered everything we had discussed prior to our meeting. She picked out clothes that were representative of me, actually of a better me. For anyone who struggles with finding a comfortable professional wardrobe suitable for their body her. NOW."

Leann Burch, DDS



JoAn Majors
Professional Speaker and Author