Janice's Business Programs

Her workshops and keynote programs have reached thousands with the understanding of how important their personal presence is to their success.


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Whether you're looking for something you've missed or you just want to check out one of Janice's articles again, you'll find everything you need here in Newsletter Archives.

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Closet Makeovers

If you’ve ever looked in your closet and thought: "I have lots of clothes but NOTHING to wear" this experience is for you.

Janice will travel to your home (if you are local) and go through your closet so that you can achieve your personal or professional image goals. She will show you how to put together outfits from the options already available in your closet and also help you create a list of items to look for...

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Janice knows that successful people are not successful by accident.

They have learned how to use their strengths to their advantage and minimize their weaknesses. This personal coaching is designed to help you see yourself as others see you and to get real clarity so you can maximize your personal or professional satisfaction. Janice can identify the current message you are sending about yourself and to others through your body language, vocal tone and pace...

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Janice Hurley, The Image Expert, is a speaker that meeting planners invite back time and time again.

When Janice is hired as a keynote speaker, her commitment is to deliver far more than you expected. Her motivational presentations on Optimal Perception are customized to fit the needs of your audience, and can be presented in a keynote address or workshop format....

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One on One
Image Consultation

This is one of those once in a lifetime opportunities to change your life in a sudden and powerful way.

Janice will show you how to look and feel as amazing on the outside as you do on the inside—maybe even better! You will have a one or two-day experience in gorgeous Scottsdale, Arizona, completing everything to showcase the very best YOU...


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Come to sunny California and enjoy two days of intense self-evaluation, camaraderie and fun.

Learn how to present the best professional YOU based on the appropriate clothing to match your body shape and coloring. Learn how to find the perfect fit in jackets and pants and what style jacket compliments you best...


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