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Newsletter from Janice Hurley
July 2017
VIP Christine Curtis attended my Spring Workshop upon a referral from client and friend, Lois Banta. Because we are the most trusting of those we know (and others that have experienced our services first hand, of course) it was interesting that she was the most apprehensive attendee in the group. The good news is that Christine is someone who eventually embraced change and reaped the benefits.  She later posted a review and said, "This workshop was life changing.  I will never be the same.  I see myself now in a more positive, successful light and with Janice's coaching, I now know anything is possible.  I had no idea that I was dressing my figure in the least flattering way. Janice gives each attendee a general formula based on our figure proportions and it works.  I am forever grateful."
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July's VIP
Summer Trends
Time Management
Different Seasons in Your Life
Women and Fashion
Travel - Luggage
Summer Styles
Just a Thought...
Workshop News
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A Prayer for You
Summer Trends
It's summer and summer stripes are BIG! Here's a little reminder how best to wear this always popular and classic summer trend.

Time Management
TIME IT - Yes, I want you to time it. I want you to think of those things you tend to put off because you think you don't have the time. You might be pleasantly surprised just how little time these tasks take. It could be anything you wish you 
would do more consistently but find yourself not being consistent at all. The reason to time yourself is so you become aware of how long the task really takes so you won't avoid it in the future. Here are some of mine:  
        • Making my bed -- 3 min. 
        • Cleaning out my purse -- 5 min. 
        • Writing a "thank you" note -- 6 min. 
        • Doing 20 push-ups -- 35 seconds 
        • Putting away my makeup -- 2 min.
Different Seasons In Your Life
Rarely have I had such an enjoyable day as I had two weeks ago with this young man. Oliver flew from Oakland to San Diego and we began our day with 2 hours of Executive Coaching followed by 6 hours of shopping (including time with a hair stylist).  Oliver just graduated from college and is getting ready for an internship in the accounting department of a very prestigious law firm in San Francisco.  He was open to my suggestion on choosing new sunglasses.  The glasses he had for the last 6 years had served him well and he would keep them for his weekend activities.  The new glasses were more in line with his current status and goals.  I predict a very bright future for this young professional.
Women and Fashion
WHERE TO START? Ladies - what you wear under your outfit for the day is as important as your clothing choice. Decide first what you are going to wear and then choose the best undergarment to make everything look smooth.

I am a fan of the one piece step-into-it compression garment because of how smooth it can make us all look. My favorite brand is still Flexees because of how thin and soft the material feels. Maidenform also makes a great undergarment. I prefer a compression garment that fits under my bra and smooths out my back . I do not need it to be very long on my legs nor too structured on my stomach. Every garment is different in its coverage so you will want to try the compression garment on with the dress or jumper you plan to wear. I personally do not wear a compression garment of any kind with pants.
Travel - Luggage

- This is a popular brand of luggage that is known for its quality and lifetime guarantee.  I have heard from several friends that they have had zippers replaced at no charge.  I have also heard that that lifetime guarantee does not apply to the much used wheels so that's good to know.  What I would like you to notice is that this quality luggage has two zippers for each compartment so that you can open, as needed, from either side.  Two zippers are also highly valued in purses or handbags.
Summer Styles

I AM IN LOVE WITH NAVY FOR SUMMER!  This dress is from Ann Taylor - a women's apparel line that is working hard to rebrand their image. They previously had options that were a bit more on the matronly side of fashion. This navy dress would be flattering on just about every figure type. The detailed eyelet texture in the fabric is fashion forward and interesting. Navy is considered a neutral that can be accented with a myriad of colors. At $129 you can get your cost per wear way down by mixing and matching your accessories as well as jackets or sweaters you pair with this dress. Changing the style of the shoes and jewelry changes the look all together. Remember that your shoes and your jewelry should "match" in terms of dressy or casual to create the look you are seeking.

Just a Thought . . .

THINK ABOUT THIS STATEMENT - in every area of your life this applies. From your golf game to your relationships to your exercise and fitness regime - you can't be better than you think you are.  It's all so mental.  My client Calvin Sun, pictured here, teaches weight training and knows first-hand that his client's potential is determined by how they see themselves.  POWERFUL STUFF!   
Workshop News

April 19 - 20, 2018
San Diego, CA

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Super Early Bird Rate valid through September 1, 2017 - $995
Early Bird Rate after September 1 - $1,195

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Limited to 6 Attendees -- 
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Where's Janice?
   July 21
   Midwestern University - School of Dental Medicine
   Staff Retreat
   Glendale, AZ

   August 23
   Midwestern University - School of Dental Medicine
   New Student Orientation
   Glendale, AZ

   September 22
   Florida Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (FACD)
   Orlando, FL
September 28-29
Image Enhancement Workshop
San Diego, CA

October 6
Impact Dental
Portland, OR

October 13
Washington Center for Dental Specialties
Grand Mound, WA

November 9-2
Carestream Global Oral Health Summit
Orlando, FL
A Prayer for You
The Prayer of Jabez

Oh, that You would bless me
and enlarge my territory!
Let Your hand be with me,
and keep me from harm
so that I may not cause pain.




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