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Janice Hurley is known as The Expert to the experts. With her 26 years of experience as a successful business consultant, she continues to draw on what really works to have others see you in the best light.

Understanding the power of your personal presence to move your clients forward makes you more effective and certainly more in demand. She is an international author and speaker, interviewed and quoted in The New York Times , Money Magazine, The Huffington Post and many other prominent business journals.


With a degree in Organizational Behavior from the University of San Francisco, Janice has analyzed and improved every aspect of her clients’ businesses to become more profitable and respected.

A major factor in her business makeovers has been helping both principals and team members to present a more professional and successful image. That led to requests for makeovers for other clients from all walks of life, then to speaking internationally on personal image and business communication skills. She combines the visual, the verbal, and the nonverbal to help clients present a congruent message of their professionalism and success.  Janice knows that we are all drawn to confident people and helping others project an accurate portrayal of themselves is more attractive than perfect features or careful grooming.

Janice is a member of National Speaker’s Association, Speaking Consulting Network and Academy of Dental Management Consultants.  She is a contributing author to NSA’s book, Paid to Speak,  Heroes in Heels and Professional Savvy, a university textbook for Dental Assistants. Janice is the co-author of Beautiful After Baby which was published in 2012.  Additionally, she writes for national publications on image and business etiquette.  For the last 10 years, Janice has been recognized as a Top Clinician in CE by Dentistry Today.

She has motivated over 100 different companies, many of them Fortune 500 clients, and speaks to universities and industry conferences. Her coaching and corporate training result in increased excitement, confidence, and clarity that lead to success.  

Janice is driven to make a "difference." She is involved in such non-profit agencies as International Justice Mission, Competitive Edge International, Boys & Girls Clubs of America, St. Mary’s Food Bank, Alliance for Children Everywhere and Antioch Global Outreach. She is the mother to 4 grown children and grandmother to 10 grandchildren.


Janice's Clients
Are Talking...

"Janice is an extraordinarily talented speaker who presents content that is both immediately impactful and keenly relevant for individuals seeking to grow professionally and enhance their image in today’s business environment. Her experience and insights into human nature and corporate culture, combined with her warm and polished presentation, have the ability to captivate and educate any professional audience."

Michael Day CIR, CSSR, PRC, CDR
Insight, Recruiting Team Lead

“Never in my 25 years as a speaker, have I witnessed anyone capture the audience in such a positive way as Janice . . . Janice truly transforms lives as well as careers by showing others how to overcome the obstacles that spell disaster. Janice’s message is a homerun for every meeting planner.”

Linda Miles, CEO
Miles and Associates

“Janice has a great program that addresses important aspects to being a true professional with relevance and humor. She makes her program specific to each group and her examples and information really hit home.”

Jim Haugen
Executive Vice President
Wells Fargo Financial Products

“In all of my business conferences, Janice is the most dynamic, memorable speaker I have ever heard.  With humor and grace, Janice teaches you how to stop sending the wrong messages and start sending the right messages about yourself. From using the correct body language to giving a perfect handshake, she corrects the common mistakes so many of us make in the business world.  We felt empowered when Janice was finished, and that's why she got a standing ovation.”

Missy Coleman
Director of Marketing, intraFUSION ™

“Janice is such a dynamic speaker, she can electrify an audience right after lunch. Her story and her image transformations are inspiring. It isn't only her eye for fashion, but the way she envisions people's greatness and teaches them how to make first impressions match who they really are.”

Gwyn Nichols, President and CEO
Writers' Resort


I was thrilled beyond expectation after my session with Janice. After spending time with her, I believed in myself again and was eager to start the process of finding my next amazing career where I can showcase my talents. After losing my job of 6.5 years, I lacked confidence and felt apprehensive about beginning the search to find my next career. Janice helped me understand how others experience me versus how I wanted to be perceived. She provided direct and honest feedback and helped me see how one small thing could come cross differently to another person, especially during an interview."

Anne Hart
Senior Manager, Corporate Recruiting

Janice brings enthusiasm, knowledge and fun to the table. She has an incredible natural talent to engage, entertain and educate the audience. People walk away, me included, with a renewed sense of self and professional image!"

Lois Banta
Banta Consulting Incorporated

Thanks Janice for your generosity, humbleness, professionalism, blunt honesty and ability to pin point areas where I need to improve. Your observation was outstanding and to-the-point. Your care was apparent and I learned so much from you. Thank you to Rita Zamora for introducing Janice to me. I look forward to implementing what I learned."

Ali Husayni,
CEO Millionarium