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Everyone wants to make the most out of their lives and sometimes we get a little help along the way.


Want to be a great communicator? Then be a great listener!

National Speakers Association asked Janice to write a chapter for Paid to Speak: Best Practices for Building a Successful Speaking Business. Want to be a recognized expert in your field? This book can accelerate your success.

Your success in life is ultimately determined by your ability to accomplish your goals. How you see yourself and how others perceive you is critical to your business and social success. It’s hard to see ourselves as others perceive us and yet knowing how to achieve Optimal Perception will change your life. With over twenty five years experience as a corporate consultant, Janice Hurley can radically change how you use your body language, verbal skills and visual impact to maximize life’s opportunities. You can make long lasting and dramatic changes. You and your organization will be amazed by your own results when others can perceive your professional excellence and confidence immediately.


Janice Hurley, The Image Expert, is a keynote speaker, business consultant, executive coach, and one-on-one image makeover consultant.


Janice is based in beautiful Scottsdale, AZ, for her personal makeovers and workshops. She travels nationally and internationally for speaking and business consulting.

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Janice Hurley, The Image Expert, is a speaker that meeting planners invite back time and time again. When Janice is hired as a keynote speaker, her commitment is to deliver far more than you expected. Her motivational presentations on Optimal Perception are customized to fit the needs of your audience, and can be presented in a keynote address or workshop format... read more >>>

This is one of those once in a lifetime opportunities to change your life in a sudden and powerful way.


Janice will show you how to look and feel as amazing on the outside as you do on the inside—maybe even better! You will have a one or two-day experience in gorgeous Scottsdale, Arizona, completing everything to showcase the very best YOU...


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